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North Island Kayak
Telegraph Cove, BC

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Kayaking with Killer Whales
and other wildlife since 1991

About Us

North Island Kayak has been renting kayaks on North Vancouver Island since 1991. We are located right in the heart of Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Sea kayak renters and those with their own equipment may launch directly into Telegraph Cove harbor from our double wide launch ramp, one side of which is reserved for kayakers. It is a mere stones throw before you are paddling out into Johnstone Strait and the realm of the Orca or Killer Whale.

  • Located right in the heart of Telegraph Cove
  • Dedicated Sea Kayak launch ramp and safe parking
  • Fresh water, showers, garbage and recycling located adjacent to the launch ramp
  • Knowledgeable staff to help you plan and prepare for your trip
  • Weather, tide, tidal current, camping and wildlife information available

We would like to give you the opportunity to share this part of the world with us.

Our location allows us to specialize in sea kayak rentals serving the area surrounding Telegraph Cove, while being ideally located for the rest of the North of Vancouver Island. Since 1991, North Island Kayak has been sharing with visitors from all over the world, the spectacular Orca or Killer whales, Humpback and Minke whales, black bears, sealions, dolphins, porpoises, eagles, salmon and seabirds plus a whole menagerie of inter-tidal critters found in the wilderness of our Northern Vancouver Island home.

Our philosophy to achieve this is simple; we are committed to delivering the safest and best possible overall experience for our customers.

Location – Telegraph Cove

We are located in Telegraph Cove on the North of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our store and sea kayak tour departure point is adjacent to the boat ramp, the picture above was taken from our front door! We specialize in this area and in providing you with sea kayak rentals that provide you the very best value. From where you park your car in our parking lot, to our boat ramp, paddling out into Johnstone Strait and the realm of the Killer Whales or Orca is literally a stones throw.

We are the only kayak renters who actually have a store and a facility in Telegraph Cove. Others offering to rent you kayaks will bring them in and leave them for you to find and pick up. We pride ourselves in being here to help you when you arrive and in being around to provide you the best possible local information.

Rental Kayaks and Equipment

Our rental boats are well maintained and seaworthy but are usually older than you may find in a high usage, long season area. Operating in a remote area and with a very short summer does not give us the opportunity to sell off lots of kayaks at the end of each summer, so we keep using them. If you must have a brand new, shiny kayak, please bring it with you, as ours do not meet this criteria.

Customer Service

North Island Kayak is proud to provide year round full time customer service and facility staff who bring a dedication to enabling your vacation that we believe cannot be matched. We fully understand how little vacation time is available and that you have more than enough frustration in everyday life, without encountering it planning or during your vacation. You can contact us by email or phone and can be assured of communicating with a real person who is intimate with the products we offer and the area we call home.

Need to know more?

Give us a call, or send us an email – Contact North Island Kayak Rentals.