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2016 Sea Kayak Rental Prices – Telegraph Cove – British Columbia

*** All Sea Kayak Rentals Require Independent Proof of Skills ***

Rental Duration Single Kayak Double Kayak
(with center gear hatch)
3 Days $180 $240
4 Days $230 $310
5 Days $280 $380
6 Days $310 $450
7 Days $360 $520
Additional Days * $50 $70

* Late kayak returns are charged at the Full Day rental rate for each day or part thereof

Sea Kayak Rental includes;

  • One paddle, PFD with whistle (Lifejacket) and Spray Skirt per Seat;
  • One Bailing Pump, Sponge and Throw Line per Kayak;
  • Group Safety Equipment including Emergency Flares, Spare Paddles and Rigid Paddle Floats.
  • Tide and Current charts

Equipment Required but not included

These items are available for rent or purchase at our store in Telegraph Cove

  • A chart (map) of the area being paddled, for Johnstone Strait this is Chart #3546.
  • At least one two-way Marine VHF radio
  • A compass. It is frequently very foggy.
  • A launch fee of $9 plus 5% sales tax is charged for all kayaks launching in Telegraph Cove.
  • Parking in Telegraph Cove is $7 per day, $30 per week or $75 per month.

Please note the following about your kayak rental

  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars do not include Sales Tax of 12%
  • Except by prior arrangement, kayaks must be returned by 5pm on the final day of rental.
  • For simplicity our rental rates are based on the calendar day. You are charged for each day the kayak is out.
  • Kayaks like other boats are rated for a maximum number of people. As such all occupants must occupy a seat. It is not appropriate to have children in storage hatches.
  • Much as we know you love your dog, please leave them on shore. We do not accept dogs in or on the kayaks.
  • You will be required to sign a Rental Agreement that makes you responsible for the kayaks and equipment.
  • You will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability
  • If you are renting for others in your group, please note that if you sign for the boat you will be held responsible. Take a moment to point out any existing damage before departing.

The items listed below will be validated on collection of the kayaks.

Please see our Area Resources for information that may be of assistance in meeting these requirements.

  • We do not rent to unaccompanied kayakers – there needs to be at least two adults in your party.
  • You will be required to meet our Appropriate Kayaking Experience Requirements.
  • You will be required to show you comply with our Required Equipment list.
  • You will be required to leave a Float Plan with North Island Kayak
  • You will be required to show photo identification which matches that provided at the time of booking
  • You will be expected to have a plan for garbage, human waste and predatory wildlife
  • You should ensure you have adequate food and water for the duration of your trip. Fresh water can be very hard to find.
  • Appropriate paddling clothing – our water is typically 8 degrees Celsius or 47 degrees Fahrenheit
  • A clear understanding of the Straitwatch Guidelines which details how to behave around marine mammals.